Is it time for you to change your tourist visa but flying back to your home country doesn’t seem right? Here’s a quick solution for you to extend your stay in the UAE without exiting to your home country in just 240 MINUTES!

No queues, no complications!

Receive your visa on the same day of your exit in just 4 steps:

Submit your documents to Hoopla experts.

Make your payments.

Check-in and fly to a nearby country. 

Receive your e-visa in no time and return back to UAE!


Price Includes:

Embassy fees and all service charges

UAE Visa 

Round-Trip Tickets.



Additional Information

- If the visitor is your spouse, the same must be mentioned on guarantor’s passport

- Additional cash deposit of up to AED 5,000 may be required for certain nationalities. (Not applicable for family visas*).

- Visa Approvals are up to the immigration only. 

- Visa processes will begin only once all the required documents are submitted. 

- Documents requirement and visa application charges differ from nationality to nationality. 

- In case of any rejections, Hoopla Tourism is not responsible for applicable charges. 

- In case of all overstays and absconding of the visitor, fines will be applicable on the visitor and his/her guarantor. 

- The offer is applicable for all nationalities. 

- The Dubai Airport Visa Change can be applied for Indians and Filipino nationalities. 

- Sharjah Airport Visa Change can be applied for all nationalities with a mandatory Hala fee to be paid at the airport.

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