Helicopter Tour of dubai


Remember all the top-view photos you saw of Dubai that had your jaw drop, and your eye widen? 

Now is your chance to experience that view first-hand. Get on a helicopter tour of Dubai to see this outstanding city from a completely new view, that will make you feel like you are seeing its beauty for the first time.

This panoramic view of the city will leave you speechless. Becasue, we can tell you for certain that all the photos taken of it, do not give this city justice when it comes to it’s look from above.

Helicopter flights are operated from Atlantis or Dubai Festival City all through the year.



Additional Information

  • You must have your Passport to get on the helicopter.
  • Timings depend on Availability
  • Pickup and drop off could be arranged from Dubai or any other Emirate for extra charge.
  • The weight of the child should be minimum of 16 kg.

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